Heinz Risse et Ilona, apiculteurs naturels à Berlin

Heinz et Ilona
Heinz Risse is an electrical engineer and has founded a Mellifera Regional Group for Ecological Apiculture in Berlin. As a little boy he learned from his father how to capture honeybee swarms and the respectful treatment of bees. Since 2009 he keeps bees in and urban garden in Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin-Kreuzberg and gives courses for beginners, students and teachers. As an alternative to modern high performance apiculture he wants to give bees a voice through Zeidlerei.

He is a founding member of Tree Beekeeping International http://www.tree-beekeeping.org  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Zeidlerei/


Heinz Risse,apiculteur naturel

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